Our Safety Standards

Are Unsurpassed

We Are Committed To The Best Service Possible With A Strong Sense Of Urgency Approach

Our ability to adapt to situations and provide first-rate disaster relief equipment is world renowned, just like our capacity to meet your needs in the best way possible. With a Safety and Health program developed specifically for us, we cover everything from site safety to personnel and equipment safety health procedures. In addition, we can provide full transportation in and out of the country for both personnel and gear.

Planning and Operations

  • Power Outages
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan Drills
  • Bargaining Unit Work Stoppage Contingency Plans
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Pandemic Plan Development
  • Base Camp Design and Operations
  • Mutual Assistance Incidents
2016 GPC Salters Prop

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

We specialize in quick delivery and being able to adapt to any situation we are presented with.

Contract Management

From RFP, negotiations and final contract, our contracts management team will ensure all requirements are met and exceeded.

DRG Staff

We ensure that everyone we employ is an expert so that you only get the best with us. We are specialists at handling all the services we provide, with all of our employees able to maintain top level servicing standards throughout the year. Our personnel are trained first hand by some of the most experienced leaders in the industry. Our staff is comprised of retired utility workers, retired military personnel, firefighters and paramedics.

Other Services

We also offer fuelling, catering, on-site management and/or security, command center/EOC support, maintenance staffing, logistical staff, camp management, and on-site support for all services (flooring, catering, tent installation, generator technicians, climate control, refrigeration technicians, etc.). In addition, we can give you full transport in and out of the country for both personnel and gear.


We can give you Emergency Preparedness Logistical Training to ensure that your people can perform quickly and safely at a moment’s notice, while maintaining core accountability and safety at all times. Our training was developed from many years of experience working throughout the US with numerous utilities.


Our superior catering is based on prescribed daily menus with only the freshest, nutritionally based, well-prepared food choices. We work with our clients to develop menus for special requests. Our staff is HAACP certified for food safety guidelines.

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