About Disaster Resource Group

Our Team. Our People.

We are experts at responding to disasters.

We ensure that the specialists we employ are the best in their field. All of our personnel go through rigorous trainings which have been designed by some of the most experienced leaders in the industry.

Our staff is comprised of:

  • Retired utility workers
  • Former military personnel
  • Firefighters
  • Paramedics

Heat Stroke Save

Members of the DRG Logistic's team saved a lineman from going into a heat stroke.

Some members of our support personnel are Firemen and EMTs. At one location, they noticed a disaster relief worker stumbling out of his truck and ran over to him providing an assessment that showed he was minutes away from suffering from a heat stroke. They performed triage on the spot.

They stayed with him until the ambulance arrived and transported the victim.

Decades of Experience Safely Providing Base Camp Services

DRG History

Let our long history adaptability and rapid delivery show you why we’re right for the job.


2021 Louisiana. Hurricane Ida

2021 New York. Hurricane Henri

2021 Florida. Hurricane Elsa

2020 Florida. Hurricane Eta

2020 Louisiana. Hurricane Delta

2020 Louisiana. Hurricane Laura

2020 Alabama. Hurricane Zeta

2020 Florida. Hurricane Isaias

2020 Florida. Hurricane Sally

2019 Florida. Hurricane Dorian

2019 Louisiana. Hurricane Barry

2018 New Jersey. Tropical Storm Florence

2018 Georgia. Hurricane Michael

2018 Florida. Hurricane Michael

2017 Louisiana. Hurricane Nate

2017 Texas. Hurricane Harvey

2017 Georgia. Hurricane Irma

2017 Florida. Hurricane Irma

2016 North Carolina. Ice Storm

2016 Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. Hurricane Matthew


Snow and Ice Storms